Burj Khalifa on New Year 2024: You Cannot Miss This!


The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, is renowned for its sky-breaking height and cutting-edge architecture.

The annual fireworks show at Burj Khalifa on NYE 2024 is another event that is bound to capture your attention.

This dazzling extravaganza introduces you to a breathtaking display of lights, colors, and artistry illuminating the night sky in the heart of Dubai. 

The magical choreography paints Dubai’s skyline with sparkles and pyrotechnics and converts the Khalifa into a canvas of brilliance.

Learn everything you need to know about how to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2024 with Burj Khalifa and the best viewing spots around it.

Burj Khalifa Fireworks on New Year’s Eve 2024

The Burj Khalifa is well-known for having impressive fireworks. This year’s fireworks show is sure to be even more amazing than last year! 

They’ve got a record 325 firing positions and more than 15,000 pyrotechnic elements planned. 

The fireworks will be set up on December 31, 2023, to make a stunning show of colors and shapes that will light up the Dubai skyline in an amazing way.

The Dubai Fountain will also be in action, with water jets synced to the music and lights, creating a magical environment for everyone watching.

The combined effect of the fireworks and the fountain is sure to create a truly magical experience for all who witness it.

For those who want to experience the New Year’s Eve celebrations at the Burj Khalifa firsthand, there are several options available. 

Tickets for Burj Park, which offers prime views of the fireworks, are available for purchase. 

Additionally, many restaurants and hotels in Downtown Dubai offer special New Year’s Eve packages that include dinner and a view of the show.

Timings and Duration

The fireworks at the Burj Khalifa are a spectacular sight, illuminating the night sky with a display of colors and patterns.

The fireworks display typically lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

The Burj Khalifa fireworks to welcome the year 2024 will begin at around 11.58 pm, on December 31, 2023.

Make sure to arrive early and grab a perfect spot to enjoy this magical event unfold at the Burj Khalifa.

You can experience the fireworks while rowing on a traditional wooden boat called the Abra, overlooking the Dubai Fountain Show

The Fountain Show runs every half hour from 5.45 pm to 10.45 pm.

Visitors can purchase tickets online in advance, which include a 30-minute boat ride and a view of the fountain show. 

The price for an adult ticket is AED 73 ($20), and children under two get in for free.

What to Expect at the Burj Khalifa New Year 2024 Celebration

The Burj Khalifa is known for having some of the best fireworks displays in the world, and this year will be no exception.

The Grand Fireworks Display will set new records and transform the Burj Khalifa into a symbol of hope, light, and harmony.

However, in order to fully enjoy this enthralling spectacle, you should plan ahead of time. 

You can enjoy this hypnotic display of dazzling light beams and fascinating pyrotechnics in a variety of ways.

💡Points to Remember

  • The fireworks will start at 11:58 pm and last for 20 minutes.
  • Arrive early to get a good spot to watch.
  • The Burj Khalifa is located in Downtown Dubai, next to the Dubai Mall.
  • You can take the public bus, taxi, or Dubai Metro to get there. To learn more, go to this page.

5 Best Places to See Burj Khalifa Fireworks in Dubai

Some of the best places to witness the Burj Khalifa fireworks on New Year’s Eve and they are as follows:

1. Dubai Fountain or Dubai Mall station (500 m from Burj Khalifa)

Dubai Fountain or Dubai Mall station
Image: Mydubai.media

The best spot to watch the Burj Khalifa fireworks is from the Dubai Fountain or the Burj-facing balconies at the Dubai Mall.

The Apple Store has a great view! But get there early, even two hours before the fireworks, because it gets crowded fast.

You can also make a reservation at one of the many Burj-facing restaurants.

The route to the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall stations is divided into two paths. 

The first path leads to the area behind the tower and Iceland Park, while the second path leads to the south ridge, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the fireworks.

On New Year’s Eve 2024, the Dubai Fountain Show Boardwalk would be the best place to see fireworks at the Burj Khalifa.

For just AED ($6), you can reserve your spot at the Dubai Fountain Show and boardwalk ticket to get a close-up view of the symphony of light, water, and music.

Ticket prices:

Visitors’ AgePrice
Adult ticket (4+ years)AED 22 ($6)

If you’re coming from outside the city, aim to arrive by 6 pm to get a good spot.

And remember, roads and access to Downtown Dubai are restricted after 8 pm, so plan ahead.

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2. Dubai Opera House (550 meters from Burj Khalifa)

The Dubai Opera House is a great place to watch the Burj Khalifa fireworks.

It’s a short walk from the Burj Khalifa and has unique architecture that looks like a traditional Arabian dhow.

You can catch an opera show or take a tour of the opera house while you wait for the fireworks to start.

3. Burj Plaza (1 km from Burj Khalifa)

The Burj Plaza is a great place for families to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Dubai.

There’s plenty to keep kids entertained, with the Downtown Slide and Aurora Gaming. 

For a more up-close view of the dancing fountain, hop aboard the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride.

It’s a popular experience, so book your tickets early.

4. Souk Al Bahar (1 km from Burj Khalifa)

Souk Al Bahar
Image: Luxhabitat.ae

Souk Al Bahar is a dining and lifestyle destination located across the bridge from the Dubai Mall.

It’s a great place to spend New Year’s Eve, with its many restaurants, shops, and waterfront views.

If you’re looking for something to do before midnight, you can browse the shops for antiques, carpets, jewelry, and other authentic artifacts.

Or, you can take a walk along the waterfront and enjoy the views of the Burj Khalifa.

If you want to dine at one of the restaurants, make a reservation a few weeks in advance, especially if you’re going with a group.

The restaurants get very crowded on New Year’s Eve.

After dinner, you can head to the waterfront to watch the fireworks display.

The Burj Khalifa puts on a spectacular show, and it’s a great way to ring in the new year.

5. Al Khazzan Cadillac Park (2 km from Burj Khalifa)

Want to watch the Burj Khalifa fireworks for free? Head to Al Khazzan Cadillac Park, a new park across City Walk.

It’s a great spot to get a clear view of the fireworks, and it’s still relatively unknown, so you won’t have to fight the crowds.

If you’re looking for a healthy meal before the show, check out Inn the Park, a café in the park that serves up delicious salads.

And if you want to get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions, go for a walk or run on the park’s trails.

Other Viewpoints

In case you cannot find a spot at the above places, you can also watch the Burj Khalifa Fireworks from the following places:

ViewpointDistance from Burj KhalifaDirections
Dubai Design District5 kilometersGet Directions
Bay Avenue (Business Bay)5 kilometersGet Directions
Jumeirah Beach7 kilometersGet Directions
Souk Madinat Jumeirah14 kilometersGet Directions
Black Palace Beach17 kilometersGet Directions

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Where can I watch Burj Khalifa Fireworks?

The best places to watch the Burj Khalifa fireworks are: the Burj Khalifa itself, the Dubai Mall, Souk Al Bahar, and the Burj Plaza. Other unique options include the Burj Khalifa helipad, a yacht, or a rooftop bar.

What time Burj Khalifa fireworks starts?

The Burj Khalifa fireworks start at 11:58 PM on New Year’s Eve. This is the time when the clock strikes midnight and the new year begins. The fireworks will last for about 20 minutes.

How long is the Burj Khalifa fireworks

The duration of the Burj Khalifa Fireworks 2024 will be around 20 minutes.

The night sky will be transformed into a mesmerizing canvas of brilliant colors, leaving spectators in amazement of the stunning spectacle.

What time is the Burj khalifa fireworks next year

The Burj Khalifa fireworks will start at around 11.58 pm on New Year’s Eve.

It is expected to last for at least 20 minutes.

What time is the Burj Khalifa National Day Fireworks?

The Burj Khalifa will stage a mesmerizing LED light show as part of the celebration of UAE National Day. 

The special LED show will take place at 6 pm, 7 pm, 8 pm, and 9 pm on December 2, 2024

How can I see the Burj Khalifa fireworks for free?

Dubai Design District is situated at a slight distance from the Burj Khalifa. 

The towering presence of the iconic structure ensures that spotting the mesmerizing light and firework extravaganza is a breeze. 

This advantageous vantage point offers you the luxury of an unobstructed view without any extra cost.

Featured Image: Arabianbusiness.com, Mediaoffice.ae

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