How to spend Valentine’s Day in Dubai in 2024 – 14 Romantic Things to Do


Imagine celebrating Valentine’s Day in a city that’s as luxurious and romantic as Dubai.

Picture yourself gliding above the clouds in a hot air balloon, hand in hand with your loved one, or enjoying a candlelit dinner on a Dhow Cruise with the sound of waves crashing in the background.

Dubai grants endless possibilities for a truly momentous Valentine’s Day experience. 

But let’s be honest, planning the perfect Valentine’s Day can be stressful.

You want to find something unique and special that your partner will love, but you also don’t want to break the bank.

And if you’re not familiar with Dubai, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

That’s where this guide comes in! we’ve put together a list of the most romantic and exciting things to do on Valentine’s Day in Dubai.

From budget-friendly options to luxurious experiences, we’ve got everything covered.

So, let’s take a look at them one by one and get ready for V-Day 2024.

1. Set sail on a Dhow Cruise for a dinner date

sail on a Dhow Cruise

Spend a romantic Valentine’s Day evening experiencing a magical Dhow cruise dinner along the beautiful Dubai Creek.

As you board the traditional wooden boats, gentle music fills the air as the dhow glides past the city’s dazzling skyline.

You can choose between the air-conditioned lower deck and the starlit open deck above.

While dancing, watch the natural saltwater creek, which splits it into the Deira and Bur Dubai sections. Either way, the views are epic.

Dinner on the cruise consists of BBQ goodness, salads, seafood, and sweet treats. You’ll find juicy kebabs, fresh salads, and enough shrimp to fill a pirate’s chest.

By the time night falls, the city’s lights are the star of the show. Sip on your free welcome drink and snuggle up close with your sweetie.

The 90-minute cruise is like a private bubble, perfect for making memories that’ll last a lifetime.

You can double your V-Day fun by mixing and matching the Dhow Cruise and Fountain Show at Dubai Creek as one ticket.

It only costs $36 more than the dinner date on the Dhow Cruise per adult.

2. Snuggle Under the Desert Sky

Snuggle Under the Desert Sky

This Valentine’s Day, escape the city lights and embrace the romance of the Dubai desert with an overnight safari experience.

Spend quality time under the stars with your loved one at a traditional Bedouin camp, set amidst the golden sand dunes.

Your adventure begins with a scenic drive at 2.30 pm, followed by exhilarating activities like sandboarding down the dunes and dune bashing in a 4×4 vehicle.

You can also explore the desert on an authentic camel ride. As the sun sets, paint the sky with vibrant hues and capture the beautiful moment with your Valentine.

Make your way to the Bedouin camp Al Khayma, where you’ll be welcomed with dates, Arabic coffee, and sweets.

Spend time exploring the campsite, learning about desert culture, and donning local attire for a photo with a majestic falcon.

In the evening, enjoy a delicious buffet dinner under the stars, followed by stargazing with a telescope.

Wake up to a mesmerizing desert sunrise the next day. Go on a short camel trek to witness the first light of day coloring the sands.

After a hearty Arabian breakfast, return to the city, cherishing memories of your romantic overnight desert escape.

3. Dine 160 feet Above the City


While a dinner date might seem like a classic choice for Valentine’s Day, Dinner in the Sky puts a thrilling spin on this traditional idea.

Suspended high in the air by a crane, you and your partner can savor delicious meals while feeling the rush of the wind against your faces.

This experience is tailored for thrill-seeking and adventure-loving couples who want to elevate their love to new heights – quite literally.

The unique setting allows you to enjoy a 3-course menu prepared live by a chef while suspended in the sky.

Rest assured, your safety is the highest priority. Secured in your seats and accompanied by professionals throughout the experience.

You can focus on what truly matters – the warmth of your loved one’s hand in yours, the sparkle in their eyes as they take in the panoramic vista.

4. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Flight at Dawn

Hot Air Balloon Flight

For a truly magical and romantic experience in Dubai on Valentine’s Day, a Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight is the perfect choice to elevate your love to new heights.

If your love is already soaring, why not reach even higher with a hot air balloon ride during the breathtaking sunrise?

The only consideration is to ensure your date isn’t afraid of heights.

Fortunately, Dubai offers a range of hot air balloon ride options in its mesmerizing desert landscape.

The adventure begins with a 4.30 am pick-up from your hotel, heading out to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve before sunrise.

Float above the Arabian Desert for approximately an hour, watching the sun rise over the sand and observing giant red sand dunes, camels, wild gazelles, and other wildlife.

After landing, a drive to a private desert conservation reserve allows you to freshen up in clean, private bathrooms.

The experience becomes even more memorable as you get the opportunity to take a photo with a Peregrine falcon – a unique touch to your romantic escapade.

5. Dine, Sip, Dance, Repeat at Billionaire Dubai

Billionaire Dubai

As the sun sets over Dubai and the city lights begin to twinkle, there’s no more magical place to be than Billionaire Dubai.

This luxurious restaurant and nightclub is the perfect setting for a truly memorable Valentine’s Day.

Food is what Billionaire is known for. In the restaurant, one can enjoy a selection of two distinct cuisines created by celebrity chef Batuhan Piatti Zeynioglu.

Using the finest ingredients, he creates dishes that are both beautiful and delicious

From February 8th to 15th, the entire restaurant will be transformed into a valentine wonderland adorned with roses.

On Valentine’s Day, you can expect a special rock’n’roll twist on the usual festivities. 

The entire venue will be covered in roses, and there will be plenty of surprises in store, including bespoke “his and hers” cocktails.

After dinner, head to the nightclub for a night of dancing and live entertainment. The DJs are world-renowned, and the shows are always spectacular.

6. Holding Hands Above Dubai at Burj Khalifa

Holding Hands Above Dubai

A visit to the Burj Khalifa’s observation deck is an experience you’ll treasure forever. 

It’s a chance to create lasting memories with your loved one, memories that will warm your hearts long after the day is over.

It is a memorable moment holding your date, standing 828 meters above the desert sand gazing out at the incredible panorama of the urban metropolis.

The Burj Khalifa observation deck caters to all kinds of couples.

If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure, opt for the Burj Khalifa skip-the-line ticket and head straight to the top, floor 148!

This ticket also grants you access to the other two levels (124 and 125), allowing you to experience the city from different perspectives.

Remember, tickets for the observation deck can sell out quickly, so book yours in advance to avoid disappointment.

And don’t forget to dress warmly, as it can be chilly at the top!

7. Dancing Waters, Whispering Abra

On Valentine’s Day 2024, there is no better way to celebrate your love than by seeing the synchronized display of dancing water at the Dubai Fountain Show.

The Dubai Fountain is located in front of the Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai. 

It spans over 300 meters in length and spouts water up to 500 feet high, making it the world’s largest fountain system

You can also glide close to this water ballet on a traditional Abra boat. You can also pop the question, “Will you marry me?” here. 🤭

However, choose your perfect moment from the show’s half-hourly runs between 6 am and 11 pm.

Alternatively, you can also reserve a spot on the boardwalk in front of Dubai Fountain. The boardwalk ticket only costs $5.

8. A Fantasy Ride Over the City in a Helicopter


A helicopter tour over Dubai is more than just a sight-seeing experience; it’s a declaration of love, a gesture that says, “You deserve the extraordinary.”

The helicopter cabin transforms into a private haven, soundproofed from the outside world, allowing you to enjoy the panoramic views and whisper sweet nothings in peace.

It’s impossible to miss Dubai’s most iconic landmarks: the piercing Burj Khalifa, the majestic Burj Al Arab, and the sprawling Palm Jumeirah.

Be sure to have your camera ready to capture these breathtaking moments – not just for bragging rights, but to preserve the memories for years to come

9. Create a Connection at La Perle

La Perle

For a Valentine’s Day unlike any other, look beyond the usual dinner and movie routine.

Dive into a world of wonder with La Perle, a breathtaking live show that will leave you and your partner speechless.

The 90-minute production is a visually stunning showcase of acrobatics, stunts, and technical wizardry both on stage and in the massive pool below.

Over 100 performers push the limits of what’s physically possible, diving from heights of 35 meters and zipping through the air at speeds up to 15 km/h.

Beyond just being an entertaining spectacle, there is a beautiful story being told about Dubai’s past, present and future

This masterpiece is more than just entertainment; it’s an emotional journey that will spark your imagination and create memories you’ll cherish forever.

With the La Perle Show and Dinner ticket, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious three-course meal at a participating restaurant within Al Habtoor City.

10 . Frame the City, Capture Your Love

Frame the City, Capture Your Love

Instead of the usual candlelit dinners, why not frame your love story at the Dubai Frame?

This incredible structure gives us breathtaking views of Old Dubai’s souks alongside New Dubai’s glittering skyscrapers. 

Doesn’t that sound so romantic – a blend of intimacy and adventure? 

You can go up to the 150-meter-high observation deck as the sun sets, painting the sky with beautiful colors.

But the real highlight would be walking together on the sky deck’s clear glass floor. 

Just imagine feeling the city beneath our feet while in each other’s arms. It will be such a memorable experience.

You can also walk through the exhibits to learn about Dubai’s history, which will spark an interesting discussion between the two of you.

The view is stunning, and it’s the ideal spot to express your love for each other through photos against the gorgeous city backdrop. 

11. At Aura Skypool Lounge, Celebrate Love

Aura Skypool Lounge

Have you heard about the Aura Skypool Lounge? Visiting there for Valentine’s Day could really take your relationship to new heights!

Floating 50 floors above the Dubai skyline, you get the most incredible 360-degree views of the entire city. 

Can you imagine enjoying that from the comfort of luxurious daybeds while sharing some quality time together?

They have the perfect way to kick off our Valentine’s Day – a night brunch in the lounge with free-flowing champagne and a delicious sharing menu. 

You can listen to live music and feed each other bites as you watch the sunset.

Or if you want to make even more special memories, they have the Eat, Swim, Love” package, where you get the daybeds all to yourself. 

You will get a stunning red rose, a bottle of champagne to toast your love, and a sharing platter to enjoy under the stars.

You can even take a romantic dip in the pool and look out at the dazzling city lights. 

Creating memories like that together would be so romantic and really help you appreciate what you both mean to each other.

12. Get a Couple’s Spa Treatment

Ciel Spa in SLS Dubai

Can you imagine nothing being more romantic than unwinding with a soothing full-body massage side by side? 

You can celebrate your love with a couples spa package at Ciel Spa in SLS Dubai.

Getting to bond emotionally and physically through those gentle touches just sounds so intimate.

Afterward, they have this lovely afternoon tea overlooking the city from S Bar’s terrace., where you can sit and talk about this memorable experience! 

And if you want some extra relaxation, they have a pool on the 75th floor with the most breathtaking views of Dubai below. 

You could spend the whole afternoon reconnecting in such a tranquil setting.

The package even includes an overnight stay so that you could make a whole day and night of it. 

Unwinding and refreshing together at their luxury hotel with a private boat ride along the Dubai Canal is such a nice way to celebrate your love.

Between the massages, views, and quality time spent relaxing together, it promises to be a truly blissful Valentine’s Day that will leave you both feeling rejuvenated. 

13.  Take a Walk Through the Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden

Imagine exploring over 150 million flowers in full bloom with your beloved. 

It will be the most beautiful backdrop for a stroll together, taking it all in. 

Don’t forget to check out the charming exhibits, like the floating lady, life-sized Emirates A380, sunflower fields, a lake, and an umbrella tunnel. 

It really does offer the perfect setting to create special memories.

On top of the stunning floral displays, they have live music and street dancers. 

You could even relax in one of their beautiful garden cabanas. 

With the Miracle Garden skip the line ticket, couples can have more time to immerse themselves without long waits.

The Miracle Garden seems like a true floral paradise that would make for an unforgettable day celebrating your love. 

14. Spin, Twirl & Smile at Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink sounds like such a unique and fun idea for those who want to try something a little different from their usual dinner plans.

This indoor rink is actually the largest one in the entire city. 

Why not try skating together on a glassy frozen surface while enjoying the cool atmosphere and learning new skills from the instructors?

It would be really romantic to glide across the ice side by side under the sparkling lights while you hold each other up as you practice and have some winter sports hijinks. 

Who knows? Maybe you’ll impress each other with some fancy footwork by the end of the 90-minute session!

After working up an appetite, it would be nice to cozy up with a hot drink or snack in their cafe. 

It really does sound like a memorable experience you don’t get very often in Dubai. 

People also ask…

What can you do on Valentine’s Day in Dubai?

From skydiving thrills to dhow cruises under starry skies, Dubai offers an amorous adventure for every couple.

Savor a romantic dinner with mesmerizing shows, float over deserts in a hot air balloon, or unwind in luxurious spas.

Explore vibrant gardens, indulge in fine dining, or embrace cutting-edge experiences as you celebrate your love in this dazzling city.

What are some safety tips for couples celebrating Valentine’s Day in Dubai?

While celebrating Valentine’s Day in Dubai, remember to be respectful of local customs.

Avoid public displays of affection, and dress modestly. Steer clear of alcohol in public spaces, and only indulge in licensed establishments.

Plan your transportation, know your surroundings, and secure your valuables. 

Lastly, plan your date in advance, booking reservations to avoid disappointment and ensuring a smooth, romantic evening.

Do they celebrate Valentine’s Day in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai celebrates Valentine’s Day.

The city offers a variety of romantic experiences and activities for couples to enjoy, including hot air balloon adventures, dhow cruises, fine dining at luxurious restaurants, special shows and performances, and unique experiences at different venues such as Billionaire Dubai and Aura Skypool. 

Which countries banned Valentine’s Day?

Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Iran have banned the celebration of Valentine’s Day due to religious, cultural, or moral reasons

Is February a good time to visit Dubai?

February is a good time to visit Dubai, as the weather in Dubai during February is mild and pleasant, with manageable heat and cool evenings with little rain.

The average temperature in February is around 24°C, making it an ideal time to enjoy outdoor activities and explore the city.

Additionally, February is a festive season in Dubai, with various events and attractions, such as the Dubai Shopping Festival, the Dubai Food Festival, and music festivals, making it an exciting time to visit.

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Can I bring alcohol to public places in Dubai during Valentine’s Day celebrations?

In Dubai, it is generally not allowed to consume alcohol in public places, including during Valentine’s Day celebrations.

The consumption of alcohol is strictly regulated in the United Arab Emirates, and public intoxication is not tolerated.

It is advisable to follow local laws and customs to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience during your visit to Dubai.

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